Friday, July 8, 2016

Suddenly Sixteen

I've been counting down to this day all year.

I've been waiting for this day for at least a year and a half; probably longer.

On January 1st, July 8th was a bright light on the horizon, close enough to reach for and still not touch.

On June 10th, it was just off the end of my fingertips, four weeks away and four weeks seemed like eternity.

On July 4th, it was "day after day after day after tomorrow" and "hot dang what's happening right now?!"

On July 7th, it was Ole's #22 in honor of tradition and SW prodding my parents for Scotty Stories.

At 4:57 AM on July 8th, 2016, it was here.

Sixteen was David Meece singing Amor Conquesta Todo on my alarm.

The alarm that I slept through.

Sixteen was waking up at ten-till-nine to the vibrating of SW's 12:30 AM happy birthday text, because she's awesome.

Sixteen was corn flakes for breakfast and that couldn't have been more right.

Sixteen is a yellow plaid summer dress and a blog post at noon. Sixteen is lemon cake later today and maybe a little mascara. Sixteen is piano all morning and sunshine sneaking through my window into the blissfully cool house.

Sixteen is Ninja answering my good morning text with his usual "yo" plus an exclamation point, and that exclamation point is the cutest ever.

Sixteen is pretty sweet, if you ask me.

Sixteen years ago last night, my parents were at Ole's and my mom had a #22. She was a considerably bigger around at that point. Ever since then, it's been tradition to eat at Ole's on July 7th- and it happens that my favorite meal there is the #22. SW let us kidnap her and she hung out at the house until about 9:30.

She sat on the edge of my mostly-unmade bed in the middle of my wildly pink bedroom with heaps of who-knows-what tossed here and there and everywhere and books stashed in unbelievable places- and she looked at me and said, "Scotty, you're coming into yourself."

We talked about theatre and yarn and sewing machines and the phrase "and yet."

We did what we do, we did July 7th our way. And it rocked.

And this is a good day. Sixteen only happens once, and I'm bound and determined to love every second.

I'm not sure what the plan is for the rest of the day, but I'm sure I'll post about it all later.

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