Friday, May 22, 2015

Catching Up

I feel like I haven't posted in forever. Sorry!

Well, yesterday was the last day of choir. . . and it was boring as heck. Basically, we had class for nine minutes so that all the regular students (by regular I mean non-homeschool, the full-time enrolled kids) could get checked out of their classes. The room was very, very green. Mostly because the kids had key-lime-pie-green papers that had to get autographed by all the teachers.

Maybe it was more of a minty green. It's hard to say for sure.

Oh, and also. Hopefully by Monday my first ever book review will be up! I've reviewed books for my mom and she's posted them on her blog, but I've never put one up here before. I'm super excited. Plus it's a great book so it'll be a positive review, which is very yay.

Then again, I sort of love all books. So almost all my reviews have been positive. Except for a couple.

Okay. Moving on.

SW conned me into auditioning for show choir on Tuesday. I think swimming or debate will be more up my alley, but I can't wait to see her up on stage rocking out for another year!! Dancing just isn't really my jam. (and I'm more of jelly girl anyway...) If it was just vocals, yeah, sure, I could do it. Unfortunately, it's not. And I have this tendency to get really nervous before an audition and then my performing and smiling and looking like I'm having a great time battery runs way down. We'll see how it turns out.

My garden is thriving! The sweet peas are lovin' life- I've got four or five little sprouts in there and they're getting pretty tall! I'm getting really excited. And I think my zinnias are growing... well, I'm pretty sure that's what they are. I sort of just woke up yesterday and boom, look, four little green things are poppin' up in one of the used-to-be-empty pots. I seriously need to start labeling those things.

I need to re-pot the ranunculus...again... little beast keeps getting bigger!

I think that's all the important stuff in the garden. There's lots of little greenies, but they're not doing anything super exciting yet.

Come to think of it, that might all the important stuff in general right now. So okay, adios. Next post: book review!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Please Pray

Short post today because the kitchen sink needs my attention somewhat desperately...

My aunt called two nights ago.

This isn't always a bad thing.

Except when she calls from the hospital. Then it is always a bad thing.

My grandpa seems to have had a stroke. The doctors put him in rehab today. They don't know what caused it or if it'll happen again.

All I know is a year ago this month, his wife (my step-grandma) had a stroke. She passed away last August.

I'm kind of scared and definitely not ready to go through that whole thing again. Please pray for healing and protection for my grandpa.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Choir Concert

Yesterday, I mentioned that the SHS choir concert would be happening last night. 

It was awesome. The show choirs opened the night and they were fantastic. I mean really really good. I'd never seen a show choir perform before and it was the best thing ever. SW rocked it, totally, like always. She's amazing.

The freshman choir did two songs just us, Dies Irae and Simple Gifts. I was kind of a lot scared to death about it. We started with Dies Irae, from Mozart's Requiem. It's in Latin and it's a really cool song about like the Day of Judgement and stuff. 

So anyway, we're standing up there, all sixty of us, and good choir ettiquette is to have your hands straight at your sides because folding them in front of you restricts your lung capacity and you don't sing as well 'cause your diaphram is squished. 

I have this thing, when I'm nervous (which is kind of really frequently), I play with my fingers, you know, twist them together and rub them and stuff. But the Music Man was standing up there in front of us shaking his hands at his sides to remind us to keep our hands down. Eventually I just figured out that I could hang on to my skirt at the sides and it sort of was the same thing. I play piano and knit and stuff, you know, so my hands are used to being busy all the time. Standing in front of a couple hundred people with nothing to do with my hands is super irritating. 

Moving on. The only time I've really sung in a choir (before last night) was the holiday choirs at church, and we do have a director who sort of conducts us, but we mostly just sing and he looks nice and professional. At least, I never really worried about following him that much because I knew the music and nothing he did meant a whole lot to me. 

But up there onstage in a high school choir, the conductor is just about the most reassuring thing in sight. Especially the Music Man. He stood up there and grinned at us. Like, really happy and encouraging and 'you got this'. Maybe that's not precisely what he was thinking, but it was the best thing ever to know that as long as we watched him and followed him, we'd be fine. And when you're watching the conductor, the crowd behind him sort of fades out and disappears and pretty soon it's just you and the choir and the music and the conductor. And it's going to be okay. 

I think maybe that's sort of how it is with God. He sometimes calls us as Christians to stand up and shine for Him for all the world to see and it's scary. We get weak-kneed and if you're like me you've got a fistful of your skirt in each hand and the rest of the world looks terrifying. It's easy to get caught up in the magnitude of the crowd and just see them. But then maybe you see movement out of the corner of your eye, and there's God, the Conductor, smiling and counting the tempo out with His hands. And there's comfort in that, watching Him as He cues you and smiles and mouths 'you've got this, we've practiced this, you know what we're doing. You're not alone. Watch Me. I know what's going on. It's okay.' 

Then the crowd fades out and there's only Him, keeping tempo and guiding your voice through key changes and notes that go on for three measures. 

Maybe sometimes we forget and glance out at the crowd, at all the people that are watching us and we realize how huge this is and how scary it is. But that doesn't change anything. God's still there, still guiding and shaping and leading and showing you how it is. Look back at Him. He's still there. Keep your eyes on Him and nothing else matters. It's still scary and your heart still races, but He's not going anywhere. He knows what He's doing. After all, He's the Conductor.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I'm Thankful For...

  1. Friends who add 'spice' to my life... y'all know who you are
  2. Sweet peas growing nice and tall and healthy
  3. New skirts and shirts for a choir concert tonight...oh crap, I still have to iron that shirt...
  4. Lovely people who loan us vehicles so my dad can take a week off and go east to help my grandpa pack up his farm
  5. A Momma who works six hours a day and still comes home chipper and loving and hilarious
  6. A really dumb cat that eats millers for us so our house isn't overrun with the little boogers
  7. Friends who bring me books!!!!!!!
  8. Dried apples and strawberries...mmmm....yep
  9. Safe moving shenanigans for my big sister as she moved into a new house this weekend
  10. My wild and crazy partying baby niece-in-utero...can't wait to meet you, baby girl
  11. SNOW!!!! (like 20" fell out here this weekend!! I'm getting the feeling that I was the only one rejoicing)
  12. Mi tortuga falsa (stuffed turtle from Kohls)
  13. I'm a big fan
  14. Pink headphones and MercyMe music
  15. Technology. When it works.
  16. Choir concert
  17. Praise Team shenanigans this week!!!!!!!!!!! (I cannot say enough how much I love PT)
  18. My drunken-Chopin piece is coming along well on the piano
  19. "God Will Take Care Of You"- a hymn I discovered in my book today while practicing
  20. Pink highlighters to draw special attention to that one A in the middle of Chopin stuff that I can never ever remember is an A and not a G like all the rest..grrrrrrrrr
So there ye go. I got a blouse to iron and dishes to wash and such, so sayonara. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Garden-Gobbler

A few weeks ago I did a post on my indoor garden. At the time, I had one little zinnia shoot (three other seeds germinated shortly thereafter) and a pot of sweet peas that hadn't yet sprung up from the dusty earth. Approximately four days ago, my seedlings looked like this:

I also had a pink ranunculus (yes, that sounds like ridiculous- say it) and a yellow flower from the AWANA Awards night. I haven't the foggiest idea what the yellow one is, so if any of you out there recognize it, please let me know.

For the first couple days after my mom brought the ranunculus home, it was basically in constant need of water. The poor thing was just dying of thirst. I was watering it every freaking day and couldn't figure out why (note, if you ever have any sort of question on anything, ask your mom. Moms know everything. I'm not kidding.), so I asked my mom. "It probably needs a bigger pot," she said.

So yesterday, we went to Target and bought a pot. The transplanting was a little rough, but now that it's over I think the plant is way happier. The roots were curled around the outside of the dirt in the old pot. I mean! Poor flower.

Anyway. Life in my garden was all well and fine.

Until two days ago. My dad comes home early Wednesday afternoons and we read through one of The Federalist Papers (I think we're on number 15. Maybe I'll do a post on it sometimes. Cool stuff!). Lately, we've been strolling over to Runza for a treat while we read. With this stuff, you need brain food to survive it, or the little gray cells turn to mush.

This particular Wednesday was no different, except that it was pouring rain. For the record, I love rain. I have a really cool bright pink umbrella that we took along on our walk. We were gone for probably about an hour and fifteen minutes or so. Not long, right?

Earlier that day I had put all my little pots in the kitchen window by the sink. It was barely sunny, but better than just sitting on the shelf in my room all day. So my yellow whatchamacallit, my pink ranunculus, and zinnias, sweet peas, Shasta daisies, and hollyhocks (these last two have yet to sprout) were all perched happily on the windowsill. They've spent many an afternoon on that ledge, and I figured they'd be fine unattended for an hour or so.

Enter the resident fur-brained idiot. I call her The Evil, Disgusting, Puke-faced Twerp (Tedpft for short. Sorry, Grammarly.) Her real name's Darla; you probably remember her from my first post, Hello World. If not, check it out really quick and get yourself up to speed.

We'll wait for you.

You back? Great. Moving on.

Anyway. She has this habit of gorging herself on whatever junk is in her kitty food, and then she has a worse habit of displaying her food, post-digestion, all over whatever floor happens to be the closest. Once she was feeling really mean, and purposefully puked on Mom's slippers. (I say it was on purpose, anyway.) Somehow or other I sort of ended up being the one of the three girls who's in charge of dealing with these displays, which seem to happen about once every week or two. If Daddy's home, by all means, he can do it. But if he's not, and he usually isn't, I'm in charge. Yay me.

Why are we discussing this?

I don't remember. Oh well. Tedpft also tends to nibble on such delicacies as little green growing things that do not at all resemble her food. Maybe she's mostly blind or somethin'. I don't know. Whenever she gets her teeth on these green things, she produces another display of affection for us and leaves me gifts under the table or behind the chair or wherever. She's a real peach, let me tell you.

Up until Wednesday afternoon, I hadn't had a whole lot of trouble with her eating my flowers out of the windowsill, so I left them there. Eh, they'll be fine, she's not that stupid, I reasoned.

Boy was I wrong. I arrived at the house and automatically wandered into the kitchen to see if my plants were doing anything fantastic.

They weren't.

When I left, this is what they looked like.

When I got back, this is what I found:
Devastation!!! That blasted cat gobbled the leaves off my sweet peas and snarfed the tops off all but one of my zinnias!!!

No, I haven't spoken to her since.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So That Just Happened

Today, the Music Man took the SHS show choir around the area to perform their stuff. SW went, and I'm immensely proud of her, but I am not immensely proud that she was gone for freshman choir this morning.

I'm not immensely pleased with the fact that the Music Man went gallivanting all over the city and took our accompanist with him, either. I'm glad he had the opportunity to take the show choir and I know that's part of his job, but he could have left the accompanist, sorta, right? They could have danced a capella, don't you think?

Because, see, his lovely wife subbed for us and she doesn't play the piano.

So we pretty much didn't have any music.

And no offense, Mr. Music Man, but that choir gets a little scary without the piano.

One girl, we'll call her Mercy, said she could, and I thought, 'oh, great, here we go,' because she played the keyboard in the musical orchestra. So boom, we were good.

Sort of. See, we weren't allowed to take the new music home with us, so any attempt at accompanying today was totally sightread.

Mercy quit after two songs. I can't say as I blame her, I mean, four-part harmony isn't exactly a piece of cake, especially sightreading it, I don't care who you are.

Mrs. Music Man (yep, that's going to have to change) tried to take over a little bit, but it just wasn't working out too well and we were sounding scarier by the measure.

I could play it, I thought.

Unfortunately, I thought a little too loudly, and my dear, sweet, soon-to-be-dead friend Kelly leaned over and whispered, "Could you really? You totally should. Just go tell Mrs. Music Man that you can play it! You totally have to. Just go! Go go go! Come on, come on, you should do it!"

It took about fifteen seconds of that jabbering to make up my mind. Then all of sudden, there I was, perched on the edge of the bench, in my camo jacket, hands trembling and a little voice screaming in my head- What were you even thinking?!?!? You can't do this! If Mercy can't, no way could you! What are you doing?

I was quite literally shaking for the first, say, four songs. My fingers were stiff and I was sleepy and it wasn't going well.

Basically, I fumbled through the read of the class period and just played to the choir. They sang and I kept up-barely.

It was probably the worst performance of my musical career.

It was also the most impromptu.

I'm praying it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

Monday, May 4, 2015

This Is The Stuff...and the Underwear...


The best part (or the worst, depending on your angle)? 

Earlier yesterday, Drummy Dude and I were sorting some stuff out and we both agreed that there's "no stuff" between us. We're friends, we're good friends, but there's no "stuff". 

And then I'm texting him eight hours later and that happened. 

I feel like that conversation was totally stuff. 

I also still have no words.